We have included discussion of a portfolio in this section because it is one the preparatory tools you can create as part of you preparation for job search.  The portfolio is best used in an interview – it offers a visual expression of your skills and accomplishments.  It doesn’t replace your thoughtful answers to interview questions, but adds a visual layer to the conversation together.

A portfolio is a permanent paper and/or electronic record of your successes, projects, awards, skills and accomplishments throughout your employment life.

Developing your portfolio can help to build your confidence and ability to describe your skills and accomplishments.  Sometimes the portfolio opens up for you a new line of work that follows your personal interests and hobbies.  Seeing this displayed before you can be a good process of self-reflection.

An Employment Counsellor at The Working Centre can help you to build your portfolio.  From time to time we offer Portfolio workshops that are a helpful introduction to the art of building a Job Search Portfolio.

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