The World of Work

The Working Centre has been exploring work change experiences since 1982.  Although change itself is not new, the speed in which change occurs is very new. 

We have mostly moved from an industrial-based economy to an information-based, service-work based world.  People in the workplace have to adapt to changes on a daily basis, whether it be new technology, roles, or skills.

Individuals change as well.  As we learn, experience and move through life, our needs, wants and priorities often change.  In the face of economic and personal change, there are a number of things you can you do to create a sense of stability.

  • Be flexible and keep your options open.  Narrow decisions can be risky since occupations change constantly.  Think in terms of what you enjoy, and what skills you have to offer.
  • Increase your self-knowledge.  The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to make career decisions and market yourself to employers.
  • Be aware that you will change careers and work arrangements many times.  These changes will be both challenging and exciting.
  • Track and notice trends in the world.  The better you become at recognizing change in the world, the easier it is to adapt to these changes.
  • Build on your self reliance skills.  Since job security and a regular paycheque won’t always be the norm, you can develop a broader range of ways to be more self-reliant.  Increasingly, multiple options piece together to provide an income.  Building on entrepreneurial skills of managing multiple jobs can help to build self-reliance.

We at The Working Centre are available to help you make these transitions.  Let us know how we can be helpful to you as you look for work.

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