Finance and Insurance

Finance & Insurance

There are many roles which can fall under finance and insurance. For many of these roles, such as selling financial instruments or insurance, there are various licences that are required. Most of the time it will be up to you to obtain these licences, whereas some companies will assist you in your licensure. It’s important to conduct information interviews with those within your career of interest to get a better idea of what’s required and what the best way is to move forward.

Waterloo Region is home to many financial and insurance companies so many opportunities do exist. However, it’s important to perform a self-assessment to decide what kind of company and what kind of role is right for you. Many people start off in sales to make their way into these companies. Many of these sales roles, however, are fully commission based and can be very difficult for the new entrepreneur. Again, you need to collect all information available to you and balance your own skills, interests and needs to find the right opportunity for you.

A Note About Networking & Mentorship

Networking is very important in this sector.  Networking is often a skill used in the work, and people are often hired through networks.  Take the time to build your network, and depend on this network to connect you with people who might be able to help you in your search.  These people may be mentors, or they may be valuable sources of knowledge and connections.  Spend some time focusing on the Networking Section on the Job Searching roadmap located on this website.

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