Preparing for the Interview

Following are some steps to prepare for an interview:

-Have you made a brief summary of your skills and abilities linked to the job?

-Have you prepared answers for the questions you are likely to be asked?

-Have you researched the company's history, products and services?

-Do you know the time and location of the interview and the name of the interviewer? 

-Have you decided how you are getting there so that you can arrive ten to fifteen minutes early?

-Have you chosen suitable clothes and made sure that you are clean and neat?

-Have you gathered the materials that you will need for the interview?  

  • Two copies of your resume
  • Letters of reference or recommendation
  • Samples of your work or your portfolio
  • List of questions you want to ask the interviewer
  • Pen and note paper

This Interview Planning Form may be helpful in your interview preparation.

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