Tracking Next Steps

Once you have met a new contact, it is helpful to set up a way to remember who to follow-up with and when.  You could make lists by week, you could use Outlook or other electronic calendar reminders, you could use a datebook, or a calendar.  Don’t depend on your memory, or a scanning of your records or you will easily lose track of what to do when.  This listing is particularly helpful during weeks when you will feel less motivated. 

Make your “next steps” reminder a part of completing a visit with one of your contacts. If one of your contacts suggests - “Send me your resume and if you don’t hear back from me in a couple of weeks, feel free to remind me.”  Promptly send off your resume after the meeting is over, and then add a reminder in your calendar to call them back.  Don’t miss any opportunity that arises.

Make a date book a formal part of your job search - add reminders of follow-through dates and call-back dates. 

One week you may be quite motivated and contact ten different people, or maybe you will attend a networking event where you make many new contacts.  Pace out your follow-up activities – don’t try to do them all in the same day or week – you may not feel as motivated that week. 

If you miss an activity, carry it forward to another day or week.  If you keep missing deadlines, talk to a Working Centre Employment Counsellor.  Job searching is daunting and getting help is sometimes the only way you can keep on track.  Remember to be forgiving of your own habits – it is difficult to be constantly rejected by potential employers – we all develop coping strategies during times of work change. 

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