A bookkeeper is a person who records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization. There have been some significant changes to the bookkeeping job market due to changes in technology.

Many bookkeepers are finding that bookkeeping jobs are offering lower wages and more contract work. Most bookkeeping is now done on the computer and today bookkeepers will need to be proficient in bookkeeping software. The two most common programs used by businesses are Simply Accounting (often used with larger businesses) and QuickBooks (often used with smaller businesses).

Additionally, many bookkeepers are finding that they are unable to find permanent work and instead are working as independent contractors, providing their services to businesses. It is very important for a prospective bookkeeper to perform information interviews with other bookkeepers to gain information on the nuances of contemporary job search for bookkeepers.

A Note About Networking & Mentorship

Networking is important in all sectors but it’s indispensible in Accounting, Finance and Insurance. It is essential that you work with your Employment Counsellor to work out a plan to network for success.

It’s also essential, particularly for those new to the field, to find a mentor. The mentor should be well established locally, can provide you with advice on the labour market and information about local opportunities, companies, licences and projects. The mentor can also provide you with helpful advice about where to focus your networking efforts and how to improve your soft skills. There is much to be gained by having a professional mentor and many people who are established in their profession don’t mind giving back.

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