Credential Assessment

For many Internationally Trained Individuals credential assessment is a helpful or mandatory process to go through. If you plan to work within a regulated profession, your regulatory body will have a specific credential assessment process to go through. This could include having your diploma or transcript sent directly from the institution or sent directly from you. There will likely be requirements for translation. Some regulatory bodies conduct the assessment themselves while others ask that you go through the process with another organization. It is important that you research what the process will be for you and work with your employment counsellor to ensure you accurately follow this process.

For professions that are not regulated you may or may not need to go through a credential assessment. For some, having their credentials assessed by WES or ICAS is helpful in marketing their qualifications to potential employers, while others have gone through this process and found it to be unhelpful. Again, it’s important to discuss this matter with your employment counsellor to decide what route is best for you.

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