Guiding Teachers

The Working Centre has a long history of working with Internationally Educated Teachers. While the process of certification and finding employment within the public school system in Ontario seems uncomplicated, the added challenges of a saturated labour market make finding a teaching job a difficult and long-term task.

In the next few pages you will find some information relevant to the job search for teachers in Ontario. This information is relevant to any teacher trying to secure employment, however, the majority of our research has been done to assist Internationally Educated Teachers.

Guide for Internationally Educated Teachers

Below you will find a link where you can download The Working Centre's Guide for Internationally Educated Teachers. This is the result of extensive research and experience and explores:

1. The certification process

2. Job searching and self-marketing

3. Labour market trends

4. Where to find work in education

5. Alternative and related careers

6. Understanding education in Ontario.

There are many short- medium- and long-term steps needed in finding work in education. Working through our Internationally Educated Teacher Guide with an Employment Counsellor is highly recommended to ensure you stay on track and maximize opportunity in a tough labour market. If you are an Ontario Educated Teacher this guide will contain plenty of relevant information for your job search. Again, working through this process with an Employment Counsellor is recommended.

The Working Centre's Guide for Internationally Educated Teachers 

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