Interview Follow-up

After an interview, send a thank-you note immediately.  It always helps to send a follow-up letter or a card to the interviewer expressing your thanks for the opportunity to meet with them; a thank-you note also gives you the opportunity to lightly reinforce something positive about the interview. Be sure to collect business cards from interviewers and other pertinent staff so that you can thank your hosts by name and ensure correct spelling.

Take some time to think over the interview - What did you do well?  What do you want to change next time?  Make yourself some notes to think about later so you won’t make the same mistakes next time or to remember some particularly good answers you gave.

Remember to reward yourself for your efforts. Interviews are hard work – just getting through the interview is worth celebrating.  You can’t change what happened, and you have to wait until the employer makes their decision.  This is difficult, especially when you have prepared so carefully before the interview.

Follow up with a phone call about a week after the interview.

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