Networking for Your Green Career

How do I enter the “green economy”?

Entering the green economy is just like entering any other sector – it will require planning and hard work. You’ll need to network to increase your chances of success, but also to research what the emerging trends are and how you can fit into a green job. There may be knowledge, training or certifications you’ll need – be sure to research these areas thoroughly. You’ll need to find the right spot for you – the job that has a future in this rapidly changing sector and the job that will allow you to be fulfilled in your work.

Becoming and Staying Informed

The green economy, as an emerging economy, moves very quickly. As a green professional you need to stay up to date. Use newsletters, magazines and associations to stay current with environmental news and opportunities for employment. You will also find information about events and conferences that you can attend to increase your network in the sector and raise your professional profile. Here are a few links for further reading:

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