Internationally Trained Health Professionals

The story has become such a familiar one in Ontario: the doctor driving the cab, or the nurse cleaning houses. Internationally educated professionals from all backgrounds face a range of challenges finding work in their field commensurate with their experience in Canada, but the health sector, with its heavily regulated occupations, has long been known for presenting particular challenges to newcomers.

At The Working Centre, we have a long history of walking the journey with newcomers, from landing in Canada to finding work in their field. It’s a long and complex journey, requiring patience, planning and stamina.

There are many pieces to consider in this journey – what kind of language courses should you take, what tests should you study for, and how will you afford to live while completing language training? How can you go about finding survival work and work related to your profession? What other ways can you gain experience? Are there occupational specific language training programs or bridge training programs that can accelerate your journey?

We have long used this grid to help in planning the short- medium- and long-term steps you may need to take to reach your goal. Your employment counsellor can act as your guide and organizer in this journey, and provide thoughtful connections along the way.  

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