Finding Job Postings

While you are doing your research and strategic job search, it is also important to keep in touch with any jobs that are posted publicly.  But don’t let this search distract you from finding a job that suits your goals.  It’s not unlike walking into a grocery store when you are very hungry – you end up picking food that satisfies your craving, but may not suit your long-term goal.  If you have spent the time thinking through a realistic job goal, remember that you have to stay focused on this goal to make it real.

A job posting may appear that stretches or expands your job goal – be sure to listen to those ideas.  That is the place where your goals and the labour market can creatively come together.  Hopefully you are staying focused on a job where you can stay, that is a job you enjoy doing, and that provides a sustainable income for you. 

Income needs may sometimes be stronger than any other priority – and this may shape your job goal more than anything else.  An employment counsellor can help you to review your decisions if you are not sure about next steps.

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