Interview Preparation

Most job searchers are very anxious about interviews. Understandably so!  Interviews have been analyzed, written about, and documented endlessly – but no matter how much you prepare, you end up in this moment where you are being evaluated for what you have to offer to the posted job, and it is the employer’s decision to decide if you are the right candidate. 

We will include some of our most popular interview summaries in this section of the website, but nothing replaces careful and thoughtful practice and preparation for interviews – and a confidence that your skills and strengths are valuable and important. Whether or not you are offered the job you are interviewing for is not a measure of your self worth – but rather a reflection of the kind of candidate the employer is looking for. 

A Working Centre Employment Counsellor can help you to review your preparedness for interviews.

The Working Centre also offers a Workshop Series on Interviews, where you can benefit from an overview of interviews and the responses of others in the workshops.

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