Find the Right Employer

Most people think that once they have a resume, the hard work is over.  In fact, much of the most difficult work of finding a job comes after your basic tools have been prepared.

To maintain a strategic job search, it is often helpful to ally with an Employment Counsellor.  Regular meetings can help you to make a plan, show progress forwards, brainstorm ideas when you get stuck, and to overcome the frustrations of job search without losing momentum. An active job search is a challenging task that is easily pushed aside or missed, so it makes sense to have a non-family member work with you on keeping motivated.

Most jobs are not advertised, and you will need a strategic approach to job searching to find the job that suits your particular job goal.  The Internet now expands the opportunities you have to find and research interesting employers, but should not replace the basic concepts of networking and making sure that the right people know that you are looking for work. 

The Working Centre offers a workshop series on Networking and Strategic Job Searching.  We invite you to participate in these workshops and explore this material with others who are also practising a strategic job search.

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