Job Readiness

This section is almost like a post-script to the whole job search journey, and is one that is seldom talked about with job searchers.  The concept of job readiness suggests that you can reach some magic moment when you are “ready” to work.  Or worse, it suggests you are not ready to work until someone else decides you are ready.

Putting all these reservations aside, we would like to talk about the Job Readiness checklist as a self-directed way to review all the items that help you to be ready for your next job.

Job Readiness has a different definition for each job.  Generally, Job Readiness is based on what employers are looking for – are you ready for the kind of job you are looking for, and would an employer agree with this decision?  We at The Working Centre like to think of this checklist as a way to review and engage collaboratively together in helping you to be ready for your next job.  We take our relationship with you seriously and we are willing to work hard to help you.

The following checklist can be used to review the various aspects of your job search.  We recommend that you use this checklist with a Working Centre Employment Counsellor – not as a test, but as a conversation to help you build confidence in finding your next job.  Job Readiness involves an awareness of your strengths and areas for growth – it is not a scorecard or measure of success. It can feel good when you can check off one of the boxes. When you can’t, don’t despair – recognize what may be in your way and develop strategies to move past it.

The Working Centre's Job Readiness Checklist

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