Job Searching for the Mature Worker

Job searching is not easy at any age but job searching for the mature worker can have some added complexities. We have had many people come in our doors who are in their 50’s or 60’s who have never had a resume before, let alone conducted a targeted, contemporary job search. We often hear stories from mature workers about leaving one job in the morning, walking to another business and getting hired that afternoon.

Those days, unfortunately, are behind us. The contemporary job search requires patience, flexibility, adaptability, confidence, and savvy. The contemporary job search needs to be well-planned and considered. The contemporary job search needs to be targeted. It requires a thorough assessment of your skills and abilities with informed and researched targeting of specific opportunities.

For many people who are new to this type of job search it can feel extremely overwhelming, however, you have help. We suggest reading through some of the links on this page, reading through the Job Searching section of this website, and connecting with an employment counsellor who can walk with you through this new and complex journey.

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