Financial Inclusion Inventory

The Financial Inclusion Inventory for Waterloo Region is a helpful tool and report developed and prepared by the Social Planning, Policy, and Program Administration at the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and "provides an overview of the programs and services available in Waterloo Region that support greater financial inclusion."

The Financial Inclusion Inventory was created out of the good work of the Money Matters Community Collaborative, and complements the ongoing efforts of the Collaborative as well as the work of the Financial inclusion Outreach Worker at The Working Centre - another initiative of Money Matters Community Collaborative.

Click Here to read the full report as a PDF.

The report has also been chunked down and published under the Financial Inclusion Inventory section (a subsection of Living Frugally and Money Matters) of The Working Centre's dynamic website.  The benefits of publishing the information online in this manner are that the Financial Inclusion Inventory can be updated outside of the review period as needed, and so that sections of the report can be distributed within the wider website where applicable to inform and frame the work of Financial and Community Inclusion.

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