Financial Inclusion Inventory Waterloo Region June 2012

This document provides an overview of the programs and services available in Waterloo Region that support greater financial inclusion. The inventory includes banks, credit unions, financial literacy/education programs, identification supports, income tax supports and trusteeships.

Financial Inclusion Inventory for Waterloo Region


Social Planning, Policy, and Program Administration
Regional Municipality of Waterloo

© Regional Municipality of Waterloo, 2012
Parts of this manual may be reproduced on the condition that proper reference is made to the Regional Municipality of Waterloo

ISBN: 978-0-9880298-1-1 

Should you have any questions about this inventory please contact:

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Social Services
99 Regina Street South, 5th Floor, Waterloo, ON  N2J 4G6
Tel: (519) 883-2117
Fax: (519) 883-2234

This manual is available on-line at:
Search “Financial Inclusion Inventory”

The Working Center serves as host to the Money Matters Community Collaborative

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This inventory was created as one of the activities of the Money Matters Community Collaborative and with input from the Cambridge Action on Homelessness Group. 

Thank you to all the programs who contributed profiles to the inventory. 



Tanya Darisi             The O’Halloran Group

Sarah Marsh             Sarah Marsh and Associates



 Marie Morrison, Manager, Social Planning, Region of Waterloo Social Services

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