Job Goal and Labour Market

Now it is time to do a reality check. Does your Job Goal look realistic? Are there contradictions in the kinds of hopes and dreams you have? How are the prospects?

 You have two choices here:

  • If you feel your job goal is realistic, just move on.
  • If you want to be sure (and taking this time now can make your job search more effective), then use the following steps to verify and adjust your job goal and expectations.

Visit the JobBank - This site, specifically the "Explore Careers" section, offers employment prospects with region-specific information, including wages, positions that employers that have hired recently, etc. See the links below to navigate to this page.  

For more labour market information, visit our Labour Market Information section under Work Choices.

Talk to others – Conducting Information Interviews is one of the most useful techniques in understanding labour market information and honing your Job Goal. Visit The Working Centre's section on Informational Interviews in the Finding the Right Employer section.

Explore Job Postings – Look on relevant Job Posting sites to find Job Postings for your Job Goal. Is there information in these postings that suggests a redefinition of your Job Goal? is a good site to look for local job postings - there is a link to this site in the links below.  

Visit Career Cruising  - This is an interactive career resource designed to help you to find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training. This is a useful resource including information on Job Descriptions, Working Conditions, Earnings, Education, Sample Career paths, Related Jobs, etc. It is offered on a fee-for-service basis – you can access this resource through a Working Centre Employment Counsellor.

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