Broadcast Letter

A Broadcast Letter is a self-marketing tool that can be sent to a large but tailored group of potential employers and sympathetic contacts. You can create a contact list based on companies your have identified and researched from online directories or phone books, and contacts from your e-mail list, and address books. 

A broadcast letter is also a networking tool that helps you let your group of business contacts and a select group of people in your personal network know that you are looking for work, and asks them to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities for you. It also helps them know what kind of work you are specifically looking for, and provides a summary of your related skills.

Broadcast letters can be sent by mail, e-mail, fax, or dropped-off in person.  It does not need to accompany a resume.  Broadcast letters are usually sent out in the early stages of a targeted job search.

Samples of Broadcast letters can be found at: and

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