Nearly New

Second-Hand Clothes

Second-hand clothes don't have to look second-hand. Maybe someone outgrew what they were wearing and donated it. Maybe they got it as a gift and just never wore it. Perusing through a second-hand clothing store you will be surprised by what people will part with. Good quality clothing is abundant in these stores, but you will need to shop around to find the best pieces at the best price. Found Locally has an extensive list of second-hand stores in Kitchener. Find one in your neighbourhood and explore!  The Working Centre has its own thrift store called the Green Door.  It is a small, welcoming space that keeps prices low, with almost everything under five dollars.

Clothing Swap

A clothing swap is when a group of people come together with the clothes they are ready to retire, and share and swap clothing. No money needs to change hands and yet you can head home with a variety of new-to-you clothes. Clothing swaps are often organized informally amongst a group of friends or co-workers, and can also be organized on a larger scale. A simple Google search for "clothing swap Kitchener" will yield several results for past and upcoming clothing swaps.,, and are great sites to find or promote your very own clothing swap.

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