Informational Interviews

Verifying information by talking to people is important. Your research will lead you to contradictory facts. You could be basing your plan on one key factor, only to find that this information has changed or is not shared widely within your field.

Informational interviews offer you the chance to learn new information, verify your existing information, and make a connection within your sector which may produce a job lead.  An information interview (informational meeting) is a meeting with a particular individual for the purpose of gaining information from an "insider" point of view. It is one of the most effective methods of learning details about a particular career and allows you to expand your network. 

Informational interviews are helpful to:

  • Learn more about your potential employers, clarify key information about your career goal, and verify what you have heard from others.
  • Learn about a particular company, how you might fit in, and what problems or needs the employer has. Knowing these things will help you market your qualifications towards the needs of the organization.  As well, you can assess the fit between your job goal and the company – each company has a different culture – is it a good match for you?
  • Gain experience and self-confidence in interviewing through discussing yourself and your career interests.
  • To enlarge your circle of contacts in the area. Ask each person you meet to suggest one or two other people who might be helpful to you.

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