Green Careers Education

The Green sector moves at an incredible pace, with changes in the labour market and the needs of employers coming very quickly. Often the education sector is playing catch-up with the needs of the economy.

There are many educational options available depending on where one wants to fit into the Green sector. There are many college level technician programs as well as many university programs dealing with environmental planning or remediation. There are programs that take traditional professions and add a green focus, such as in architecture or design, or business and economics. Adding to the complexity of choice are the many online courses and programs, competing with the traditional local programs.

What program is right for you? Your choice will require a great deal of reading and research but must be complimented by information gathered through networking with people already in the field. Meet and talk with instructors and admissions at the school but be sure to back up what you learn there with opinions from people who are doing the work you want to do. They will have the best pulse of what’s happening on the ground and what the emerging trends and needs are.

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