Tailoring and Mending

Finding quality used clothes can take some effort, but sometimes that perfect piece of clothing doesn't fit perfectly for you. Taking that piece of clothing to a tailor to have it altered or repaired is often more cost-effective than buying something new. There are literally dozens of tailors throughout the city. Ask or shop around to find the best one with the best prices. You can find an online list of local tailors here.

If you already have the skills or would like to learn the skills to mend or alter your own clothes, the Green Door Art Space has public access sewing machines.  There are two, 6 week sewing classes offered as well as some volunteer drop in help during the week.  For more details, talk to Kate at the Green Door.

Personalizing Your Clothes

Clothing is essential from a practical standpoint, and also a great medium for personal expression. Off-the-rack clothing can be beautiful, but more often it is a beautiful foundation for creative additions. The Arts Space at 37 Market Lane is a great place to explore options for tailoring, up-cycling, embellishing, printing, dying, or accessorizing something ordinary to make it truly unique. Come join us for some creative reuse!

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