Building a Network

A strong network of friends, family and professional contacts is essential in today’s job search. This presents a greater challenge for new Canadians who have recently settled in Canada and in Waterloo Region since a network will need to be built from the ground-up.

Focusing on building a network can feel as though you’re ignoring your job search since it’s not time spent on sending out applications, however, our experience tells us that focusing on building a network first is the best way to find your way into work in your field.

Why? It’s not simply about nepotism but about employers being cautious around whom they hire. The process of hiring is time consuming and costly for an employer. When they hire they want to be sure that they are bringing in not only the most qualified person but the person who will be the best fit with their company. In fact, in today’s economy where job-seekers compete with others with similar skill, demonstrating that you will be the best fit with a certain company or organization is often the most important factor in hiring.

Having a strong professional network will create opportunities to get to know individuals within targeted workplaces where you can display both your professional skills and your ability to fit in that workplace.

Whether you are shy or a natural networker there are resources which can help you. Take a look at the networking section of our Job-Search website, learn more about social networking tools, information interviews and discuss the suggestions with your employment counsellor to create a plan to build your network and increase your chances of professional success.

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