Skills Required

When you describe a job, you often speak about the activities performed on the job.  Your task here is to break down these activities into skills that are needed to perform this work.  This allows for a wider transference of your abilities to a new or related job.  Keep in mind that specific tasks are likely to change from job to job.  The skills you use to perform these tasks are transferrable from job to job.

Start with the Job Title for your job goal.  Explore the skills needed for this job, using the links in the following sections of this website. Gather a full list of the skills used to describe this goal.  Include all range of skills - skills can be concrete, soft, technical or transferable.

Create a list of the skills for this job using the attached Skills Required for the Job Worksheet. You will use this document to help you keep track of  the information you are discovering and researching in the following sections:

  • NOC
  • Essential Skills
  • ES Checkup Tools
  • Job Ads and Descriptions
  • Other Research
  • Verify Your Research
  • Know Your Skills

The 'Skills Required for the Job' worksheet is also available in the Links portion of each of the above listed a pages.  The worksheet is a 'fillable' .pdf meaning; this means that you can type directly onto the document and print your work.  The 'Skills Required for the Job' worksheet can also be printed off and filled in by hand if you are more comfortable with this approach. 

* Please note that there is a raft of information in the following sections.  Take some time to think deeply about your skills.  You will be tempted to speed through this part of your job search: slow down! A solid understanding of your skills and the skills required for the position you desire will act as a firm foundation for - arguably - more exciting or immediate portions of your job search (like building a resume).

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