Before The Event

  • Prepare resumes that directly relate to your job goal:
    • Your short-term goal may be to find a job in work that is related to your profession – do you have a resume that shows your skills and qualifications for your short-term goal?
    • Your long-term goal may be a higher end job in your profession.  Do you have a resume that reflects your training and experience?
  • Bring 20 or more copies of your resume to hand out.
  •  Think through what you would like to accomplish at the event – modify your questions to suit the purpose of the event:
    • Are you trying to make connections with potential employers?
    • Do you want to research a certain kind of job?
    • Are you hoping to ask particular questions?
  • Pick one or two main goals for the event – don’t try to achieve too much. You want to make a good impression with the people you meet.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask each contact – sound informed, and be prepared to ask thoughtful questions that relate to the work you are looking for.
    • What type of job openings are there in your company for accountants?
    • What kind of skills are you looking for in an employee?
    • Is your company involved in International sales?
  • Treat the event as an interview opportunity – wear comfortable and professional clothing.
  • Be prepared to answer some basic interview-style questions about yourself and your career goal.
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