Making This a Good Experience

When job searching, it is easy to forget one’s own worth and ongoing contribution.  Job search techniques are designed to teach the “how to” of breaking through into the world of work.  It is easy to feel excluded and frustrated.

The Working Centre tries to build an environment of social trust – where unlikely people can help each other, where each person’s contribution is valuable and useful. We work to model and teach social cooperation in the midst of the competitive world of job search.  People are willing to help one another, and to enjoy the exchanges and contributions they give and receive.

The Working Centre’s Local Democracy course describes this process well:  “Democracy happens when we engage each other day by day … as we share experience, skills and knowledge.  We teach and learn cooperatively, respecting each other’s individuality and thereby bring democracy to life.”

If you can approach networking as a way to meet others, to learn from them, to enjoy the exchange of conversation, and to let others’ ideas change you – it makes the journey more enjoyable and contributes to the larger good of building community in the midst of a competitive journey.

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