Coping with Change/Stress

Being unemployed and looking for work is one of the most stressful experiences people go through. Add to that the stress of moving yourself and your family across linguistic and cultural borders to try to find work and a good life in Canada, which can be a trying and isolating experience. The stress and frustration you may feel is very natural and common. In our experience recognizing the stress, identifying its source and making helpful connections goes a long way to easing your emotional burden.

At The Working Centre we understand that job searching is often but one aspect in the journey of the individual. Feelings of stress, frustration and anger can easily create barriers to employment so it’s important not only for the success of your job search but also your mental and physical health to find ways to ease the burden.

Throughout this website you will find our thoughts and experiences which may provide some helpful insights, such as in "The World of Work" in the Job Searchers section or “Making This a Good Experience” under Finding the Right Employer. Talking with your Employment Counsellor about your stresses, frustrations and life challenges can be a great way to start.

There are many other ways you may cope with change and stress such as connecting with others in your cultural community, finding places and community events where you can meet new people with similar interests, or beginning new volunteer opportunities where you can develop a network and contribute to your community. It may also be helpful to connect with counselling services. Again, your Employment Counsellor can help you direct you to these community resources.

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