Wordsmithing your resume can feel like a tedious and particular process.  Remember that your resume should be designed to suit your next employer.  Taking the time to select the best wording can be very important.

Wordsmithing is accomplishment-based language, using your own words, highlighting achievements and using action statements.

Your resume should:

  • Be one to two pages in length
  • Be well-organized, with consistent formatting throughout and include a balanced use of white space
  • Be free of errors
  • Avoid cliché’s or short forms
  • Use the left hand side of the resume to draw attention to your skills.  We read left to right, so we tend to notice things on the left side of the page when we scan a page quickly.  List the job titles on the left and put dates on the right hand side.

As you write your resume, remember the research you have done.  Use language that is consistent with the area of work you are targeting.  For example, you might use the phrase “profit-oriented manager” for a manufacturing environment, but in a non-profit setting you might describe these same skills as “frugal manager, maintain costs within budget forecasts”.  This may require a re-writing after the first draft.

The following pages cover accomplishment statements and action statements, which are two major areas of focus when writing your resume.  Review each section carefully.

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