Clothing is an easy place to start when it comes to living frugally. You can buy used clothes and tailor clothes in order to extend their practicality for you. Buying used clothes is a fraction of the cost of new clothes, supports local businesses, reduces waste and gives you a unique wardrobe. Searching for good used clothes is like a treasure hunt.  Sometimes it takes a little creativity to match pieces together and sometimes it takes a funky patch, a little nip here and a tuck there.  There are lots of consignment and thrift shops around that you can explore as well as connections with people who are looking to swap items, ideas and techniques.

If an item of clothing needs altering, tailors can give you a hand or you can mend, alter or personalize your clothes yourself.

The Working Centre’s Green Door thrift store and Green Door Arts Space can be very useful in your search for affordable clothes and tailoring needs.

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