Making Email Work

Email is a useful tool in conducting an active job search. Email protocol is very important in maintaining your network, in sending notes, and responding to questions from potential employers. Decide when you should use email, and when you should call or send a note or card – each situation is different.

Make sure your email address is professional and represents the image you want employers to have. You can set up an alternate address for job search purposes, but make sure that you check this email regularly (1 or more times per day). Reply to emails only from this address.

Some activities you can do with a Working Centre Employment Counsellor are to practise the tone of your emails, review your emails for content, grammar, or spelling, or to check appropriate timing in sending a follow-up email. Your emails to your Employment Counsellor can model and practise appropriate job search protocol. This is particularly helpful if English is your second language as it offers the chance to practise your writing skills.

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