We at The Working Centre (some of us – not all of us) enjoy thinking about language.  As we have learned from bridging different cultures of work, background, and culture, we have developed an intentionality of language. How does one person thoughtfully approach the other, conveying the message we want to get across, but also thinking about how the other person will hear the message?

Language is a valuable tool, and often made more difficult when English is a second language.  Many cultural assumptions are conveyed through language.  Many people are excluded from meaningful involvement because they do not speak the language of a sector in the “proper” way.

When writing a resume, it is important that the voice and language in the resume is your own voice – but one that also speaks directly to the employer you hope will hire you. 

Your resume may use simple language and be direct – you may not want to think about all the careful language required. 

We take our direction from you – what will work for you?  We approach the crafting of a resume with an appreciation of the fact that this resume has to reflect your approach to employers.  Each exchange is different and we look at ways to help you move forward.

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