Job Postings Online

There are multiple ways to access Job Postings online.  One of the most efficient ways to do this is to use Job Search Engines: online job boards that gather and display electronic job ads.  You will find it helpful to make use of these sites as part of your job search, but you may also want to keep a note of your own “favourite” sites to check regularly such as employer websites for specific companies you would like to work for, or The Working Centre’s Community Job Posting service.

How you use online job posting sites is important.  Each site has its own mandate, style and focus. Here is a brief overview of some Job Search Engines:

  • Some job search engines search other online job boards to gather postings creating a funnel that collects many links to postings and then transporting you to the site the link is hosted on as click on it ( Kitchener-Waterloo).  As a point of interest, picks up jobs advertised on The Working Centre’s Community Job Posting service.
  • Some job search websites allow you to manage postings that interest you by subscribing to an RSS feed.  You can then collect relevant postings in your e-mail client and sift through them at your leisure ( KitchenerLocal Kitchener Jobs).
  • Some sites request that employers create content using a template so that there is uniformity on the site from search to posting to application process ( jobs Kitchener-WaterlooService Canada Job Bank). Sometimes a common template is useful to a job searcher who wants to target specific information in a multiple job posting.
  • (amongst others) allows you to save your job searches in a column on the left and updates the searches with relevant postings as “new jobs”. The challenge with this approach is that postings are dynamic and tend to expire, thus erasing the content. You may need to register with a job search site to use this feature.


For more links to Job Posting Sites navigate to the Job Listing Sites section on our webpage.

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