English Language Resources

The journey of advanced English language learning in a new culture is not easy to describe. It is not linear. It is full of adventure and discovery, but also potentially full of frustrations. On one hand, acquiring more advanced English is highly specific learning about the tools and structure of language; on the other hand, it is broad, alert immersion into the subtleties of the culture itself. As you settle into the community, and as you seek to improve your prospects in the world of work, you will often be advised to “work on your English.”

Where should you begin?

There is such a wide variety of English language resources available in the community, in the library, and on the internet that we cannot and should not reproduce them all. Recently, The Working Centre team put together a guide to English resources in the community, along with advice and points of interest to motivate you along the journey.

We suggest reading and discussing the content of this document with your employment counsellor and together making a plan to work towards perfect English.

English Language Resource Guide.

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