Know Your Skills

The next step is to match your own skills to the skills required for your Job Goal.  Remember that you are not summarizing all the skills you have.  You are focusing on the skills that relate to your next job.

Now that you have entered a complete list of Skills Required in Column 1 on the Skills Required for the Job Worksheet (which you can find in the Skills Required section), you will start to list your own skills in Column 2 and the ways that you have used these skills in Column 3. 

An example is an Executive Assistant job that asks for a high level of independence, as well as experience coordinating business meeting.  The job searcher may easily identify that they work well in an independent setting (column 2), and that this was demonstrated by being the sole administrator in a small business where all aspects of the financial and administration were conducted professionally and competently. But, the job searcher may not have direct experience in coordinating a business meeting, but have the related skill of being the volunteer co-chair of a charitable committee planning a fundraising event.

Think creatively about the skills you have that match your job goal, and then come up with one or two statements about how you have demonstrated this skill.  Don't worry too much about getting the right words down - you are identifying the skills you have and ways that you have used these skills.

After you have made a serious attempt at this list, it may be helpful to ask a close friend to help you with this document - they may notice skills and strengths that you have missed.

Save this document - this is important work that will help with writing your resume.


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