"The Elevator"

A job searcher who came to The Working Centre shared this story with her employment counsellor:

I researched the definition of an elevator pitch.  I read examples of hopeful executives finding themselves caught on elevators with the boss they want to impress and only one chance to be memorable.  I scribbled some pithy notes about the features and benefits of eloquent editing.

At Christmas, I practiced on kindly Uncle John.  He smiled and nodded, twinkled his eyes and almost patted me on the head.  I felt Christmassy, loved, and twelve, but not ready.  I didn't think I ever would be.  

Then, while waiting in the schoolyard one day, I waved at another mom.  She struck up a converation and wanted to know "What's new?"  My brain fired off a few synapses: she lives in a six-bedroom McMansion... she has a live-in nanny from the Philippines... she's high up in RIM... they must need editors at RIM.  For the next ninety seconds, I pitched: "... teaching experience... advantage of small business... working from home and having more time with family... using my English Lit background... meeting interesting people and making a difference in their lives... empowering people to become better writers..."

She smiled and nodded.  We parted, pullin our kids and wagons behind us.  After a few minutes, I heard my name.  The sale!  I turned around to see her jogging back towards me.  

"HEY! I have to tell you that you've really inspired me!  I don't want to work for a faceless corporation anymore!  I want to spend more time with my kids!  I want to find a way to really help people!  I want to do something that I am passionate about! I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB!"

She was sold.  She may not have bought exactly what I was trying to sell, but this is beside the point.  After an elevator ride with me, she's changing her whole life. 

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