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Individuals and Businesses of Waterloo Region that have services or products to offer in exchange with other BarterWorks members are welcome to join BarterWorks.

Why Join?

Bartering weaving

Purchase with Less Cash

Instead of paying 100% cash for services like accounting, daycare, clothing, home renovations, legal services and much more, you pay in Barter. You repay by selling your goods or services.

Employ Yourself

BarterWorks provides you with a way to create your work with whatever skills you have. Whether it is something you used to do professionally, a hobby, or skills you cannot use in your current job- if it is something you can provide to other people, then BarterWorks allows you to benefit.

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

When you can purchase something using less cash resources, why not enjoy a few luxuries like massage therapy, art and music lessons, or a shirt you would normally not buy? Barter can help you do that.

Finance a Small Business Start-Up, with No Interest

When you join BarterWorks you receive an automatic interest-free credit limit. Barter is a proven way to offset costs otherwise paid by cash, making it an ideal way for someone starting a small business to finance its growth.

How to Join

Contact the Barterworks office by email or phone to arrange an appointment, or visit the Barterworks desk (see the contact information below).

Contact Information

For more information about BarterWorks, please contact us.


58 Queen Street South


Please email for an appointment.

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