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Due to COVID-19 health concerns,
Self Directed Computer Training is currently closed.

If you have questions, or a critical need, please email


Word and Excel Computer Training - February, 2020

We are looking at running a combined introductory course in MS Word and Excel during the month of February, dependent on community interest, beginning February 4th.

When: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 1 pm to 3 pm

# of Classes: 8

Cost: $100.00

If interested, please email Kyle at, or call 519 743 1151, x. 236.

If you would be interested in connecting directly with a volunteer or trainer as a way to prepare you for entering the Self-Directed environment here, please let us know!  We'll be happy to arrange a 1 to 1 tutorial time to go over the materials and structure of the learning.

Please note, the following offerings for Computer Training are currently on hold:

Introduction to Computers (on hold)

The Introduction to Computers course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge of computers to students who have had little or no computer experience. The course provides students the opportunity to understand the terminology and gain the confidence needed for future courses. This is an in depth course that covers common hardware used with a PC, basic Windows skills, such as working with the desktop and different applications, creating and managing documents, file and folders, an Introduction to Microsoft Office programs, the use of Internet, and e-mail communication.

Topics Covered in Computer Basics (4 week course):

  1. Introduction to Computers
    Terminology, Identifying common hardware, Keyboard and mouse use
  2. Using Windows
    Operating systems, the Desktop, Icons, Opening and closing applications, Navigating through windows, the Start menu
  3. Managing Files and Folders
    Files and Folders, Creating folders and saving files, Copying and moving files around
  4. Introduction to Word Processing
    Cut, Copy, Paste and an Introduction to Microsoft Word; free alternatives to MS Office
  5. The Internet
    Browsers, Web pages and addresses, Surfing the Internet, Searching for information, Downloads
  6. Online Job Search
    Job search websites, Online application forms, Uploading resumes 
  7. Email
    Creating and accessing an email account, Writing, Replying and forwarding messages, Downloads, Attachments
  8. Online Safety and Review
    Security and Privacy Issues, Course review

Microsoft Word and Excel Courses (on hold - please see above, for a combined offering during the month of February)

We also offer introductory courses to Microsoft Word and Excel. Classes rotate every other month and occur every Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm.  Two additional spots are made available in our Self-Directed labs every week, allowing for up to 9 hours of training per week, and potentially 36 hours of training by the end of the course.  

These courses are introductory, and can form a foundation for pursuing Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications in the Self-Directed training labs.

Please call 519-743-1151 ext. 236 or email for information or to register.

Contact Information

For more information about Computer Classes, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151 ext. 236

58 Queen Street South - Upper Level
Wright Room


Contact to register for a class.

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