How To Use This Website: Calendar

The Working Centre has published two calendars in the online Job Search Resource Centre: The Working Centre Calendar (or Schedule of Events) and the Community Events Calendar. Both calendars are useful for local job searchers and community members.

The Working Centre Calendar publishes events and information about activities happening at Working Centre locations. The Community Events Calendar is a gathering of events taking place at other locations in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

When you visit a calendar, you will see these sections:

  • An introduction to the calendar
  • A small calendar showing the whole month
  • A list of today's events with a few extra details
  • A table showing all events for the current month.

The small calendar lets you navigate months. To change month, you can use the arrows at the right and left sides of the grey bar. To view a day within the month, click the day. You can only click days that actually have events on them.

Below the small calendar there is a day listing, showing all events for today. You can change the day you are viewing by using either the small calendar or the arrows at the right and left sides of the grey bar. The events are listed based on when they start and have a few details. You can click these events to see more details.


The bottom of the page has a table showing all events for this month. You can sort the table by clicking "What" or "Type", and you can click the event titles to see more details.

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