Using the internet to research

The internet has become a valuable tool for researching all types of organizations and gathering information that is not easily accessed in other ways.  You can access information through:

  • Business Directories
  • Employer’s websites – most companies have their own website – what can you learn from this site?
  • Researching job postings to explore which employers are hiring that may be of interest to you.  Then thoroughly research those employers to see if they match your job goal.
  • Learn how to do a complex search (link for tips) to use on a variety of search engines so that you can find possible links to employers engaged in your area of interest.
  • Look more broadly at sector specific information – look through newsletters, listing of association members, companies that are getting media coverage.  Look for further links on the Sector Specific sections of this website – and be sure to offer back additional ideas and links to expand the resources listed on this site.
  • Keep in touch with the local business section of The Record, read Exchange Magazine with a focus on Business, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurs, Environment, Science and Technology, The Waterloo Chronicle, or The Cambridge Times.  Look for news, articles of interest, advertising, job postings – let this expand your knowledge of local employers and give you creative ideas for your job search.
  • Add your own creative ideas to this section – and please send them to us so we can continue to build on the strategies and ideas that have worked for you.
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