G.E.D. Resources

For many people not having a high school diploma creates a barrier to sustainable employment. For those in this situation, there are two options: obtaining a high school diploma through adult education, or obtaining a G.E.D.

What is a G.E.D.?

G.E.D. is actually the process of earning the equivalent of your high school diploma, which is called a G.E.D. certificate or credential. G.E.D. candidates are required to study for, take, and pass tests that measure high-school level skills and knowledge.

G.E.D. resources in Waterloo Region

The Working Centre has compiled a list of G.E.D. resources here in Waterloo Region. You can access this list by clicking here. We have worked with many job searchers who find that obtaining their high school diploma or G.E.D. goes a long way to helping them find sustainable employment. If you are facing this barrier, we suggest talking with your employment counsellor about what you can do to move forward.

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