The Keys to Keeping Expenses Low

The first key to reducing your expenses is to look at your services as a whole and identify overlaps. Can you cover the loss of a landline phone by using your cellphone and Internet access? Can you and your family cover your entertainment needs without cable TV? This can help you prioritize the aspects of these services that matter the most to you. For example, you might use internet access primarily to search for work and keep in touch with your family.

On a similar note, it is critical to avoid feeling deprived. If you resent losing phone or Internet access too much, you will either get grumpy or you will splurge on other things, neither of which is advisable in tight times. One way to avoid feeling deprived is to fill the gaps with other services and activities that are more affordable.

Another strategy for avoiding deprivation is to challenge yourself by treating your new circumstances less like a hassle and more like a game. Admittedly, this can be difficult, but when it works it is incredibly effective. Challenging yourself to stay away from web-surfing for a week or two can give you the confidence that you need to reduce your Internet plan, and it will identify what aspects of the service matter the most to you.

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