Bridge to Music

Bridge to Music is a program launched in 2012 to help younger people in a low family income bracket start music lessons.

The program is geared to ages 6—13, no music experience is necessary. Each student can choose to study an orchestral instrument from the string, woodwind or brass families, such as violin, trumpet, or flute.

As part of the Bridge to Music Program, the K-W Symphony provides the following:

  • Guidance in selecting a suitable instrument
  • Connections to a professional music teacher
  • Subsidized lessons that cost the student only $5 each lesson
  • Instrument rental for only $20 for the length the teaching year
  • Tickets to select KWS concerts for the student and their families
  • Performance opportunities with other students
  • Long-term opportunities to play with other young musicians in the Youth Orchestra Program

To learn more about this program and how to apply, visit the page on the K-W symphony website, or click here to download the flyer.

For more information, call the K-W Symphony at 519-745-4711 ext. 231.

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