Stories of The Localism and Livelihood Desk

The Localism and Livelihood help Desk offers a real person who can help people to think creatively about the ways to make use of The Local Exchange and to actively connect to Marketplace opportunities. We can help to post listings, create or develop profiles, take and upload pictures, and write descriptions of products and connect to the broader community and other resources.   

People visit the Localism and Livelihood Desk for variety of reasons.  I have met many different people though the desk and each person has shared a glimpse into a very interesting journey.  Some people need help finding the language to describe services and products, some folks are new to computers and others want to have someone to share their vision with. 

I am very lucky to get to interact with people who embody Localism.  Whether it be helping write about delicious sounding Korean cuisine, discussing prices for knitted clothing or uploading photos of homemade jewelry, I love hearing peoples’ stories of their livelihood endeavours. 

These stories are inspiring and give me a sense that there is a very real desire to pursue livelihood in alternative ways and provide quality goods and services to the local community.  In purchasing from these local producers we strengthen our sense of community and support individuals in their paths toward creative, sustainable livelihoods.  

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