Fresh Roasted Coffee at Queen Street Commons Cafe

Come and join us for a cup of coffee at Queen Street Commons Cafe!  We are pleased to offer Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee, and Single Origin Coffees and Blends for sale in The Working Centre's Cafe.  

We are roasting our own beans in house and serving fresh coffee by the cup and in take home bags.

Come and sit at our new coffee bar and enjoy a fresh brew. Coffee is still $1.05 per cup in the cafe.

Fresh Roast Coffee is a catalogue Item

Click the Catalogue icon to order fresh roast coffee online for pick-up in Queen Street Commons Cafe


Interested in purchasing Working Centre coffee beans to take home? Please find listed below some of the varieties of Coffee Beans that we are selling as take home bags:


Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffees ~ $16.00/lbs

  • Doi Chaang (Thailand) ~ Dark Roast
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ~ Dark Roast
  • Indonesian Sumatra ~ Medium Roast
  • Nicaraguan ~ Medium Roast 

Single Origin Coffees and Blends - $14.00/lbs

  • Breakfast Blend ~ Light / Medium Roast
  • Columbian Supremo  ~ Light / Medium / Dark Roast
  • Kenya AA ~ Medium-Dark Roast
  • Queen Street Commons House Blend ~ Medium Roast
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