Job Opportunity in Maurita's Kitchen at The Working Centre

Do you enjoy cooking with whole grains and vegetables?  Helping others to build savoury, flavourful and hearty dishes from scratch?

Are you someone who works methodically, paying attention to detail, and are interested in inspiring others to do the same?
Are you able to love all kinds of people, see their strengths rather than their weaknesses, screen people in (rather than out) of the work?

Maurita's Kitchen serves some 300 customers with food that is created with respect and good spirit, as it supports the inclusive, affordable food and gathering space at the Queen Street Commons Café.  We also offer a lively catering service.  Maurita's Kitchen gathers a diverse group of volunteers, creating a spirit of good work, making good food, using as much of what is locally available as possible. This work is constantly changing, requires creativity, a collaborative vision of food, and patience - because the role is not just to prepare the food, but to constantly welcome others in the preparation of the ingredients, combining healthy food into delicious recipes. 

The role we have is not about being a chef.  It is less about doing the work of cooking and more about helping others to create good food.  We organize the recipes, the kitchen space and work of many volunteers to make this happen every day.  An intuitive sense of food and a love of cooking is a necessity as is an appreciation for the gifts that each person offers.  Our purpose is to create a community of exchange and learning.  As one of The Working Centre's Community Tools projects, Maurita’s Kitchen seeks to build community, build skills, and contribute to a community good. 

Please let us know if you are interested in work that helps to facilitate this creative space.  Send your resume, and a cover letter that responds to the ideas in this invitation to

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