Permanent Job Posting

If you are attracted to the philosophy and action of The Working Centre, consider joining with us by applying directly through this Permanent Job Posting.
Please read the information below and and think carefully about sending us a cover letter and resume.  
We look forward to hearing from you.

“If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, then we must ask “What new practices will expand our ethical imagination?”. We have too easily accepted the notion that our economy works best when we are individualistic and competitive in our actions. The single minded goal of increasing wealth, personally or wider, in the long run, leads to job insecurity and emotional stress. The fallout – selfishness, envy, and greed litter our economy. A market economy based on the pursuit of self-interest cannot be enshrined as the highest form of human achievement. We are learning that sustainability in our communities means increasing the potential for human cooperation.”

From 'Ethical Imagination: The Working Centre's Approach to Salaries, by Joe Mancini, 2014

This is an invitation to people who may be interested in working creatively with The Working Centre: a ‘permanent job posting’. We don't often post specific job ads for employment at The Working Centre because:

  • Jobs at The Working Centre are often shaped around a person's strengths and skills
  • People tend to shift into new roles as ideas emerge
  • We work towards making employment here at The Working Centre more like a partnership of ideas and commitment
  • Our salary policy means that people need to make a positive choice to work here. People typically start at 2.1 - click here to read more.

If you are attracted to the philosophy and action of The Working Centre, consider joining with us in this imaginative process by contacting us about the Permanent Job Posting.

This invitation does not expire, and will not replace established practices for attracting interns, volunteers, and employees.  The Permanent Job Posting is just another way in: a conversation starter.

We are committed to the process of building meaningful, sustainable partnerships with people. The Working Centre is an exciting organization. Co-workers come from all walks of life, a variety of cultural backgrounds, and an eclectic mix of age groups. We are constantly learning and are challenged in our work. We offer many flexible yet anchored work roles and a work environment that allows you to do meaningful, respectful and good work. Everyone's contributions are respected and valued as part of the whole. The Working Centre offers a work environment that invites you to commit your strengths and your spirit in your work. 

Are you interested?

1. Be thoughtful about how you might work with The Working Centre.  Browse through the website, and visit our locations in Kitchener-Waterloo. There are many open spaces at The Working Centre where you are welcome, and Community Tools projects that offer practical assistance in a community setting. See the Working Centre Calendar for more information including hours and addresses.

2. Volunteer at The Working Centre.  We regularly ask people to do this as part of the interview process.  Volunteering is a meaningful way to get a feel for how we work - as well as the practicalities of the space, relationship, and project specifics that will inform our conversations together

3. Contact us to talk more about the Permanent Job Posting.  Please include a cover letter and a resume:

4. Be patient. This is an imaginative and thoughtful process, and it is unlikely to adhere to the conventions of a normal job search or interview process. We are committed to developing meaningful, sustainable relationships with people around livelihood - this can take time.

5. We will read everything that is sent to us - and receive it with respect and mindfulness.  In the fullness of the day–to-day we aren't able to connect with everyone.  
As with all job searching, there is often a serendipity about the timing of your email and our needs as an organization.  If you have multiple connections with the place - a formal application, involvement as a volunteer - you can help build the connection between us.  Sometimes this process is quick, and sometimes it is painfully slow.  Thank you for your patience.

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