We are looking for donations of working Core i3 or better computers, and related computer components such as SATA SSDs, hard drives, DDR3 & 4 memory sticks, motherboards, power supplies and video cards.

Computer Shelf

For large donation over 20 PCs, please  complete the donation form and email it for arrangements:

Please bring as little packaging and boxes as possible and avoid bringing Styrofoam.

Looking for parking to drop items off?

What Happens To Donated Hard Drives?

We will try to never boot from a hard drive before it has been wiped of data. Hard drives we are going to keep are overwritten several times in the process of testing. If we are not going to reuse a hard drive, it is physically destroyed in our facility before we send it to a responsible e-waste recycler.

We use Darik’s Boot and Nuke and nwipe to run a DOD-Short your data from the hard drive using the Department of Defence-short (3 pass) standard. For SSDs and flash-based media we use PartedMagic's Secure Erase tool. If you would like to erase your hard drive you can use one of the following programs:

Nwipe, a newer DBAN, running under partedmagic


Computer Component (Most Wanted):

  • 120GB+ SSDs (Solid State Drives)
  • RAM: 2GB+ DDR3/DDR4 Desktop RAM & SO-DIMMs.
  • Laptops - (Core i3 or newer)
  • PCIe Video cards w/ 1GB+ and GDDR5
  • Hard Drives: 500GB+ (SATA) (3.5" & 2.5")
  • USB Web cams (especially 720p+)
  • 802.11 g/n Wireless PCI/PCIe cards or USB drives
  • Working desktop laser printers

Please note the list above is our "most wanted" list. We are happy to take older donations, but they may not be reused as quickly. Our wish list in PDF form: CR-Nov-2021-Wishlist

Tools Wish List:

  • Small screwdrivers for laptop and cell phone disassembly
  • Magnifiers
  • Anti-static tools
  • Anti-static bags for components
  • Hard Drive storage like the container shown below

Various-sized SATA hard drives always welcome!


With many thanks to our donors, we appreciate the continuous contribution of all our donors and would like to express our gratitude and acknowledge the businesses who have donated computers to us in the past.

A complete list of recent donors can be found here:

A special thanks to ALL donors who have donated to our project recently during the pandemic, and in the past!

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