Volunteering: St. John's Kitchen

St. John’s Kitchen is a gathering place for people in downtown Kitchener. Primarily it is a place for those who are experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, or street involved. St. John's Kitchen is a different place than it was even 5 years ago. Formerly people at St. John's kitchen sat at tables and enjoyed the lunch that was served. Today it is more likely for people to be constantly wandering, using the laundry, showers, public washrooms as most of the patrons do not have a home. St. John's Kitchen provides many basic needs for those living in encampments. The issues of mental health and also addictions to meth and fentanyl powerfully influence the culture at the Kitchen. There are different levels of volunteering at St. John's Kitchen, most of the roles are related to packaging meals, serving meals and clean up. As volunteers become more experienced in the space there are many other volunteer opportunities to support the wide variety of services provided at St. John's Kitchen. 

Volunteers needed for Packaging of Meals, Serving Meals, Clean-Up: at St. John’s Kitchen, 97 Victoria Street North: 

  • Packaging lunches
  • Serving lunches
  • Clean-up and Wrap –Up

Location: 97 Victoria Street North
Times: Monday to Friday

  • Morning shifts (9am – 11:00pm)
  • Mid-day shift (11:00am - 2:00pm)
  • Afternoon shift (2:00 – 4:00pm)

To Volunteer: Contact sjk-volunteering@theworkingcentre.org or 519-745-8928

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